Frederick Raynal’s 2Dark successfully finishes crowdfunding campaign

Lyon, 25 November 2014

Frederick Raynal and the studio Gloomywood have successfully concluded the crowdfunding for their new retro survival adventure 2Dark. The French developer raised close to €34.000, reaching their goal in community funding after a thirty-day Ulule campaign…

More than a thousand supporters backed 2Dark, the new game by acclaimed designer Raynal (Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure) with contributors to the Gloomywood Citizen tier and above will receive access to the alpha and beta versions of the game.

Download : November 25, 2014: « 2Dark successfully finishes crowdfunding campain… »

New Video Shines More Light on Survival Adventure 2Dark

Introduction Trailer by Alone in the Dark Creator Frederick Raynal at Start of Crowdfunding Campaign

Lyon, 20 October 2014

Acclaimed French designer Frederick Raynal has unveiled more details of his new survival adventure game, 2Dark, in a special introduction video published today to coincide with the start of the crowdfunding campaign at Ulule. Well known for creating the original Alone in the Dark and Little Big Adventure, together with the indie studio Gloomywood, Raynal returns to his roots with 2Dark. Players find themselves in dark and unsettling locations, desperate to find and save as many children as possible while being pursued by ever-present serial killers…

Download : October 20, 2014: « 2Dark on Ulule! »

2Dark, a Retro Survival from Gloomywood!

Lyon, 5 August 2014.

Acclaimed French designer Frederick Raynal is back with a completely new retro survival game 2Dark. Following in the footsteps of his previous success, 2Dark is being developed by the newly created studio Gloomywood who have just released the first announcement teaser (

“Frederick wants to make a real infiltration game, as playable as gloomy! It is probably that, the idea of the Retro Survival: an uncompromising ‘old-school’ gameplay!” enthuses Thierry Platon, his sidekick. “Retro, it’s also for the pixels and the voxels!” adds Frederick…

Download : August 5, 2014 : « 2Dark, a retro survival adventure »

A retro videogame band is born!

Lyon, 2 June 2014.

Gloomywood is a new videogame band created by four friends, old code and pixels’ trekkers: Frederick Raynal and Yael Barroz (Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure, etc.), Thierry Platon and Sophie-Anne Bled (Ranx, Tiny Token Empires, etc.). On their own, these four buddies totalize about 100 years of experience in the video game industry…

Download : June 2, 2014: « Gloomywood, a new studio… »